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A Very GAGA Thanksgiving

Direction: Lady GAGA

Production design: Marla Weinhoff

Art direction: Vita Tzykun | Nell Tivnan

Produced by: ABC Television

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Love in the Big City

Feature Film

Direction: Marius Weisberg
Cinematography: Irek Hartowicz
Production Design: Vita Tzykun
Set Decoration: Tamar Gadhish
Costume design: Jacki Roach

Produced by: LPLS Film Productions


Monsura is Waiting

Short Film

Direction: Kevin Newbury

Script: David Johnston

Cinematography: Simon Pauly

Production design: Vita Tzykun

Art direction: David Adam Moore

Costume design: Paul Carey

Hair and Makeup design: Ashley Ryan

Produced by: Kevin Newbury | Matthew Principe


The Casualty 

Feature Film

Direction: Alexander Galin

Script: Alexander Galin

Cinematography: Benjamin Wold
Production Design: Vita Tzykun
Art Direction: Jennifer De Fouchier 
Costume design: Nadia Fadeeva

Produced by: Persona Films

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Music Video

Direction: Kevin Newbury

Music: Jimmy López Bellido
Cinematography:  James Daniel
Production Design: Vita Tzykun
Costume design: Paul Carey
Produced by: Epiphany Foundation For The Arts



Short Film

Direction: Kevin Newbury

Script: Donna DiNovelli

Cinematography: James Daniel

Production design: Vita Tzykun

Art direction: Clark Parkan

Costume design: Paul Carey

Hair and Makeup design: Liz Prinz

Produced by: Kevin Newbury | Donna DiNovelli | Matthew Principe

Screen Shot 2024-02-27 at 8.26.40 PM.png


Feature Pilot

Direction: Mako Kamitsuna
Cinematography: Bradford Yong
Production Design: John Nyomarkay
Art Direction: Vita Tzykun
Costume design: Angela Wendt

Produced by: Film Houston

Sequence 02.00_00_29_08.Still002.png

AXE (Unilever)

Commercial short

Direction: Oskar Thor Axelsson
Cinematography: Daniel Vecchione
Production Design: Vita Tzykun
Costume Design: Tracey Herman
Costume design: Angela Wendt

Produced by: Thomas Woodrow & Jordan Grossman

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