Since the Russian invasion into Ukraine, I have been donating my artwork for sale to gather funds for Ukrainians affected by war. The funds are donated through the Odessa Peace Fund - a charitable organization that has a dedicated team on the ground that gathers and distributes supplies, medicine, and provisions to those in acute need. 

I donate artworks on my social channels every Sunday at 12-noon EST and will continue to do so for as long as help will be needed. You can see all donated and available artwork by clicking on the Instagram and FB buttons below.

 Please message me directly for inquiries. 

70% of proceeds will be donated to the Odessa Peace Fund and 30% will cover studio expenses. My labor is 100% donated.

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Undaunted South.jpg


11” x 14” | monotype, acrylic, ink | 2022

$250 + shipping



HOVERLA holding the light_edited.jpg


7.5” x 12” | acrylic on canvas | 2022