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Conceived, directed, designed and composed by UC Davis Granada Artists-in-Residence David Adam Moore and Vita Tzykun, REFUGE is an immersive theatrical installation ignited by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Presented as a walk-through experience comprised of seven different environments trough which the audience journeys with the protagonists of the story, it explores the universal subjects of home; belonging; ties to one’s heritage, language and cultural identity; stability versus chaos; separation; grief; and hope.


An immersive theater installation

fueled by the war in Ukraine

UCD Granada Artists Residence

Written and conceived by:

Vita Tzykun & David Adam Moore

Stage Direction by:

Vita Tzykun & David Adam Moore

Environment, Character, Video,

and Sound Design by:

Vita Tzykun & David Adam Moore

Lighting Design by:

Jessica Kohn

Original Musical Score and

Electroacoustic Sound Collages by:

David Adam Moore

Movement by:

Erika Tsimbrovsky

Video: REVRNT media

Photos: Jerry Tsai


















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